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I am in love with Women in Men's Fashion

Posted on December 30 2015

So as you all will discover, I am just as enamored with Men's Fashion as I am with Women's Fashion. I ALWAYS hit up the men's sections first in most stores I go into. My figure has always been, well voluptuous, it's a problem sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love my figure, but, in corporate it can be just too much, I mean, some of Drake's lyrics really sum that shit up, "So thick that everyone in the room is so uncomfortable," um yea.


So, when I was younger, like 18,  a turning fashion moment was seeing Rhianna for the first time that 2005 music video Pon de Replay, it slayed, I mean do you remember? She was rocking guys low slung baggy denim jeans with a little peek of underwear and a cropped gold sequin number on-top, HOT. Yes, this was the image that got me on to stealing from my guys closet on the reg, after that I was hooked.



Another iconic fashion moment for me was when I was watching The Hills, and saw Emily Weiss for the first time, um hello, a nipped black pencil skirt with a major oversized men's crispy white shirt tucked in, so chic, amazing, it blew my mind and of course now always buy men's shirts like that, as it is a staple in my wardrobe. 


 Are you sitting there saying, you forgot Gwen? No, never, ever could I gorget Gwen, our little punk angel. She is so cali cool, and she rocks the gender bender look with originality,  flair and most importantly swag. 




There is a mystery to a women who has the lax-ness to wear men's clothes, maybe its a flair of sexy with wearing an oversized pant that is baggy, saggy, and practically a bra on top, however it is, the look is dope. Speaking of, did you see the movie DOPE? You should see it, this is "Diggy" below, I love her style. 



These days the androgenous look is in, I mean Rick Owens, a lot of Stella McCartney, even Victoria Beckham rocks the slouchy, sexy, I am a woman but am confident enough to rock my hot husbands trousers, and look totally chic. 



On another note, did you see when "the internet" switched Kim and Kanye's faces on their bodies? Funny, but of course me, I'm all like, "Kim looks cool, really cool, she should do that more often", just my thoughts!


Now, it's a life-style for me and I honestly feel most cool when I wear this type of swag, and not to mention I am comfy as FUCK, which I'm always into. You will find many men's wear influences on my site, I will be selling you men's clothes too, it will be fun. (On a side note, it like "doubles your shopping options when you go into the men's department **bonus!)  

Let me show you some other dope-ass chips who rock it. 














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