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The Interview


Hi, I'm Meagan.


I have been a dedicated fashion enthusiast since I could play dress-up. It is still my favorite hobby, along side with it's complimentary extra-curricular activities such as, shopping, hair, nails, make-up, if it's a "girlie" thing, I'm in. 
My obsession with glamour and fashion helped to steer me into Fashion Design at a young age, and my mom forcing me to sew my American Girl Doll's clothes turned out to be a blessing, and not an embarrassment, as I fully practice the garment construction process to this day. Yes, I love clothes so much, that I wanted to learn how to make them for myself!  Fashion Design came naturally to me, and it excited me more than most typical middle school activities, like organized sports....not my thing to this day. But I suppose we could call shopping, cardio,  if we reference THE great Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. 
Anyhow, what about me? Well,  to be honest with you, I have had a hard time putting this page together, as what does one say about themselves? They're so many details at 29 that have helped to shape and steer me to this exact point, so I will stick with what I trust, which is honesty. 
So, I am happy, positive and believe in the power of imagination. I curse, a lot. I like taking care of people. I have some talents that I am quite proud of, including, fashion illustration, pattern making, tailoring, sewing, cosmetic artistry, and tend to be good with organizing and interior design. I skipped a ton of High School and flunked out of 3 universities. I moved to NYC for 5 years, but am a Texas girl at heart. I am a terrible singer, but I love rap and classical but can't stand country. I am good with names. I love food and cook healthy meal-prep every Sunday, but you could also call me Ms. Piggy with the sweets. I will research anything that interests me, to the extreme. I just love Google. I don't like bullies and am proud to be a weird-o. I love Instagram the most and Facebook the least. On that note, I love selfies. I am a solo exerciser. I love vintage things; cars, clothes, style, values,movies. I strive everyday to do what is right, for me, to be happy.
I feel like that was easy, and way better than all the other fluffy stuff, that gets out of control and  over-thought. I am sure one day, this page will be different, but for now, this is me. 




This is Ensemble Scenario, A Curated Resale Boutique. That sounds a little stuffy, so let's break this down so we all feel a bit less uptight;
  • CURATED:   verb;  meaning to select, organize, and present
Oh, ok, yes, we "CURATE", meaning I, Meagan, use my fashion bloodhound nose to "SELECT" unique, on-trend, quality pieces found in, countless thrift stores, estate sales, antique malls, garage sales around the nation.
To "ORGANIZE",  I come back to my studio and style each look, in all different ways, based off of my own personal style, that is heavily influenced from the best global trend setters including the runways, street style stars, celebrities, and I use those inspirations to help build Ensemble Scenario looks.  
Now armed with bad-ass inventory, and the styling process complete,  I have a photo-shoot. This "PRESENTS" as many outfits as possible. We document the ensembles, with shoe suggestions, paired with the right tucks, rolls, and proportions, ensuring the versatility of each piece and how the looks easily adapt in your current wardrobe. 


And the last two elements are "RESALE", and "BOUTIQUE". Well, if you didn't guess it by now, these are all hunted garments from various thrift stores, antique malls, and estate sales from around the nation, which makes Ensemble Scenario a "resale" destination. However, we did find that the term "boutique" is more fitting than shop or store, as we are super-duper judge-y when it comes to the quality, cut, construction, trend level, and textile of the items we bring home. This is to bring you the best of the best, because you are the best of the best!


So are we clear now?
This is A Curated Resale Boutique dedicated to the fashion enthusiast, like YOU!
So glad we found each-other!






Right in the middle of college, I was 24, and was constantly sifting to find my hidden treasures at any "vintage", "thrift" or "re-sale" place I could find to feed my never ending obsession for the next killer outfit. However, my heart felt sad when buddies would tag along,  eager and excited to find bomb-ass treasures, only to end up empty handed after a long haul. They looked defeated, exhausted and totally bummed.  Worst of all,  they weren't leaving with bags of goodies as I was, what a waste of time for them. Imagine for a minute, it was like going into a candy shop and watching your friend get to eat all the candy.....offensive!
These multiple experiences taught me that thrifting, re-sale, or vintage environments are intimidating. They tend to be so packed together, some don't have dressing rooms, and most of it is over-priced crap anyways, "Really, this vintage dress has pit-stains, rips, doesn't fit and it's $300, ok, NOT!" 
It takes a strong, patient, visionary person to put up with all of that, which most of us do not have time for!  BUT, what if, all of the amazing, designer, one of a kind, omg worthy pieces were living together in one place,together,  that is clean, organized, and spacious? A boutique that was fun to shop, and had good early 90's rap music on and taught you how to OWN that look, with two snaps, and also kept everything in the store around $40 bucks?
"Ummm, yes please! That's a place I'd wish for, where is that place?" Ensemble Scenario is that place.

So, I am building this vision, now, at my ripe age of 29. I have been through many adventures and jobs, to get here and am looking forward to this new journey. I hope you'll find something you forever treasure and love on this site, and I deeply look forward to the day of have a physical location so that we can meet!   


Everywhere really. It started in Fort Worth, Texas, where I was born and raised, then travels took me through, Wichita Falls, Lewisville, Arlington, and then settled a little in Dallas. I met some very amazing people in Dallas who gave me the courage to really be myself and to go after my dreams. I carry their spirit, drive and respect with me as the golden standard of hard, dedicated, honest, fun, work.  The team at Neighborhood Services in Dallas is who I credit for teaching me to stand up for what I believe in and to not apologize for your passions Also, to go after your dreams making them a reality is a matter of you, and to always listen to your intuitions no matter what. Awe, and you should really go eat there, it is the best fucking food I have ever had and it is because they make it with love, not kidding.  
The encouragement received from the above waitressing job,  finally pushed me to commit on moving to New York City. That was my first dream, I mean it's fashion baby, you gotta go! I did the grimy fashion interning, beaming the entire time, that didn't work out.  I waitressed, again, and made barely any dough to survive. Then I got lucky, really lucky and got into the fancy corporate beauty scene doing customer care. I was just happy to have a steady job, benefits, and an environment where I could wear my "ensembles" to with out looking semi-nuts, it was NYC, I ate it up. I loved MOST of it all, except for washing dishes by hand, I am very verbal about how much I hate that. 
But I missed Texas too much. NYC is a wonderful place, if you are younger and want to move there, do it, it will be hard, but worth it! After my 5th,  6 month long winter in NYC, I did not care how I got back to Texas,  I just knew tolerating another 6 month winter was not something I was brave enough for (seasonal depression, yes, that shit is real).  Now I am back, a Texas girl, in Fort Worth where I am born and raised and am shacking up with my folks, building this dream business from my high school bedroom. 
I have turned my parents house into an part-time store-front, office, photo-studio, and a rent free apartment all in exchange for me cooking weekly meals for them.....sweet deal! But they support my quest for this vision and for that I am deeply grateful.  
On the left are my NYC adventures, and on the  right is what I missed too much, Nature, my Family Fun and the SUN!





I would regret it if I never tried.


Because fashion feeds my soul and brings me the most joy in the world.


I wanted to leave New York City, but did not have a job lined up when I moved home, and have always wanted to try this business, so with my spare time, I am building Ensemble Scenario. 
It is a needed business, especially in Dallas/ Fort Worth. We are not exactly on the fashion fore-front here Texas Team, but we try, and I am hoping to bring more, originality, fun, supportive fashion trends to everyone who is searching to let their inner fashionista out on a budget. Also because there are plenty of people who want to shop re-sale, but due to the crowded racks, lack of dressing rooms, poor lighting, and having to dig through MOSTLY crap, I figured I could help, and do the work for you!
On another why list,  we have already discussed this; I love fashion, and would say to myself, "I NEED to be in fashion", however, had mixed feelings with the experiences with the fashion industry in both NYC and Texas. Due to my personality, I couldn't really hack it, "so rude" was a daily struggle and everyone was so spinned-out, that the humanity of working with people was nonexistent, which by the way BLOWS. So to survive, I took any job I could get, and sort of got pigeon-holed into "customer service paths" where my passions were not able to be met. It kinda just ate me alive knowing I was not chasing my dreams and living to my full potential and that is a huge reason I am doing this. 


So, rather than living a "fancy, but very scrappy NYC life", I moved back to Texas, moved in with my folks and I am building Ensemble Scenario, from my high school bedroom.  I am learning everyday to be a personal shopper, a stylist, a photographer, a makeup artist, a model, a retail associate, a developer, a tech assistant, a copywriter, a editor, a blogger, a founder, a CEO, a CFO,  and most of all, doing every job I have always wanted. 




Me personally, just by trying my best everyday. I have special words I live by, the first is HONESTY. I believe that if you are truly honest in all things you do and think, you will be set right. This is HOW I am taking the steps to build myself. 
But YOU can shop lots of different ways, for example by shopping here on this site! You can also follow us on Facebook and on Pinterest to shop all of our items directly from those platforms, Ensemble Scenario fully supports your social stalking, we promise.
Have fit questions? Gimme a holler, I love chatting about clothes and can help ensure the purchase is something you'll love. Since this is my first rodeo, it is my utmost priority to ensure your satisfaction before purchasing, as at this time it is all FINAL SALE, so hit me up if you have any questions. 


Are you not seeing something you have been looking for on the runways or on your favorite style star, let me know, I always have my eyes and ears open, and just may find that look, chances are we will.  
However, if you are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, you can make an private shopping appointments and shop with me in person, which is way fun and I'm sure you'll find something great! See our contact details below for further inquiries. 


Ensemble Scenario also provides private closet consultations in the DFW metroplex to help revive your current wardrobe.  See our contact information below for further inquiries.
If you made it to the end of this page, you deserve a BRAVO, and if someone hasn't told you today, YOU GO GIRL!


 Thank You for chilling with

Ensemble Scenario


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